Picasso Dogs | acrylic & collage on paper, 2012 – 2015

A snapshot of my extended and unfinished Picasso Dogs project. This was an utter shitshow on so many levels. I’ll try to tag back and put the whole story here soon, but if I haven’t gotten to it yet and you’re curious, ask me.

I had like …. nearly 120 of these photocopied drawings I did and I carried them everywhere I moved and hung them up all over the walls and things (with the hopes of coloring all of them and making them some big giant puzzle wall art situation, etc). More than one guy I dated was like “What the fuck is this, A Beautiful Mind?” At some point I started getting rid of them by giving them to everyone I could think of; one of my brother’s ex girlfriends generously & graciously took half of them off my hands; random friends & acquaintances politely colored 1 or 2 or 3 of them from time to time.
I started zoning in on a few individual images and dedicating them to certain things — these were both done based off my friend Meg Wade’s poems (which are amazing), but I don’t like the one on the left and I love the one on the right (I think in the final version, the purple dog has lipstick).
For Christmas 2014 I finished a few of them for my family members. These ones turned out okay! It was fun to put a lot of time and detail into an individual dog at a time. The project overall was just so big and such a catch-all for all my ideas and ideals and imaginations and hopes and dreams and metaphors and analogies…. too much. I wanted to be like, this descendant of Picasso who did this amazing crazy thing when they were 22 that ended up in galleries and stuff. I was obsessed with the idea of being obsessed which isn’t healthy, thank God I played too much soccer and didn’t do enough drugs.
Close-up. These things crack me up, they have such personality.

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