Minor Prophets Art Project | various media, 2011

I went to Bible college and for one of my final projects I did this art project where I did a piece related to each minor prophet book in the Bible. It was a lot of idealistic effort to cram into a short amount of time but the point was this idea about combining word and image and what it means to sit into a text and turn it into something concrete and physical. Some turned out okay, some turned out not so hot, a few I still really love. I wouldn’t consider this project a success but I graduated college so there’s that.


Habbakuk — I mailed this to Dr. Barry Corey, the University President. Here’s hoping it’s in some fancy office somewhere!
Haggai — this one is my favorite and looks cooler in person I promise. My brother Derek owns it now and it hangs in his office. I liked the process of writing the whole text on this bumpy canvas over and over and over again; this really interesting experience of being in / surrounding yourself with words and having them be a physical thing you are churning through.
Hosea — this one still isn’t done though I’ve added to it over the years. I love it and have a vision for it and just need a little more time because it’s big like 3’x4′ or something.
This piece was a pain in the ass. I just got excited about whales and playing around with glue and it turned out sort of messy and incomplete and I think ended up melting to another piece of paper and getting destroyed.
Malachi — this is my other favorite. I gave it to my mentor at the time, I hope she still displays it in her office because I love this piece. I got hung up on this strippy collage technique and this is the only one I feel like it was successful in because it looks like birch or ash trees, atmospheric.
Micah — this was another disaster that fell apart literally and got torn on other pieces later. I have scraps of it floating around my collage bin still… letting go of your mistakes is hard.
Nahum — I got on an animal kick because there were so many animal mentions in these texts, and I ordered all these sticker books and really just cheated at art by playing with stickers instead of drawing, but here it works for me, each box responds to a different sort of tone or moment in the text and there’s a marching motion and and underground vibe. I framed this one and it’s hanging in our living room.
Obadiah — at some point these became exercises rather than projects, sheerly because of the amount of work and ideas I was trying to cram into a short time frame. I think my friend Juliet owns this piece now; I wish there was more to it; it feels empty and also I don’t remember the text much — I guess that goes to say that when you get invested in something you connect with it more and remember it more or vice versa.
Zechariah: Oh I gave this to my now-ex Pete, it’s making me sad to remember that. I love some things about this piece — the cartoon elements, the embryos-of-cities in a tree — but lots of spatial & size issues.
My third favorite, Zephaniah. I gave this to my mom and it’s hanging in her office, where we learned that sunlight totally fades magazine images! So a few years down the road that’s something I’m considering for future collage art.
Joel — a triptych I didn’t feel great about (again, felt more exercise-y than product-y) but my friend Josh Alfaro bought it from me, the first art I’ve ever sold! I hope he likes it..
Amos — I held on to this piece and it went through a few more stages and now belongs to my friend Chloe. I ended up layering a whole David Foster Wallace story over it in handscript a bunch of times and now it’s a postmodern piece instead of a Bible piece, which works in some ways. Essentially though just me being obsessed with bright colors.

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