Comic Relief | acrylic on canvas, 2009

These are from this phase I went through in college where I just poured glue on everything and called it art. In hindsight I realize how lazy I was and can’t believe anyone let me get away with anything (the other part of the phase was just buying comic books or picture books and cutting them up….equally lazy). Shoutout to John Puls my art history teacher who gave me a C- on a project where I poured glue on a Buddha statue I bought from Home Depot and tried to make up some crap about Western and Eastern cultures getting stuck in translation; may more fearless leaders call us on our bullshit earlier on in life.

*I do like the middle panel though. That was a lot of actual work. I think part of this phase was also trying to use EVERYTHING, all pieces of a project whether cut out or cut into or cut away or whatever, all the time and not admitting that some stuff is just trash and sure it means something but just put it in the recycling bin and get on with your life.

comicrelief1 comic relief 3

comic relief 2

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