Chalk Art | 2014 – present

One fun thing I’ve done one and off in the past few years is chalk art! It’s great because it’s so social — people are around and involved and you get to be out in the sun and using your full body (I’m usually really sore and sunburned afterwards)! That also means it’s a little scary doing art in front of people, but that really helps me loosen up and chill out and just do it to have fun.


The Big Draw Pleasanton Chalk Art Festival, May 2015 — this was for Mother’s Day and my square was sponsored by Whole Foods hence…. baby peas & carrots!


July 2014 at Der Biergarten in Midtown Sacramento — my then-boyfriend Pete helped me a lot with this and did a lot of the fun fish and sharks and things (Spongebob & Patrick!) around the edges.


The Big Draw, Pleasanton Chalk Art Festival 2014. This was my first time doing chalk art thanks to an invite from my “aunt” Jill who ran the event at the time. It was so fun! I won the “Best Use of Color” award.

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